Benefits Of Xeriscaping

The Benefits Of Xeriscaping

Save Water and Time

Why xeriscape? The primary reason is simple. To save water. The idea behind xeriscaping is to create a beautiful landscape while conserving water resources to the greatest extent possible.

Xeriscaping acknowledges the limitations and the possibilities inherent in your unique property and location. A xeriscape landscape can support wildlife, maintain healthy soil and reduce runoff of harmful chemicals into water ways.

Carefully chosen plants will attract honeybees, birds and butterflies.

Requiring less water, a xeriscape takes advantage of native, drought-hardy plants, along with hardscaping and decorative elements. The best part? Xeriscaping will save water and requires less maintenance than a lush green yard filled with non-native flowers, plants and shrubs.


Saves water

The most obvious benefit of a xeriscape is that it requires significantly less water. In an era plagued by low rain, it’s a huge advantage to reduce your water usage as much as 50%(depending on where you live)! The less you depend on water to enhance your landscape, the better.

Low maintenance

If you are busy or physically limited, watering, pruning and weeding can be daunting. However, if you incorporate drought resistant plants, rocks and stone into your landscape, there should be fewer hands-on tasks.


Looks great year-round

Without annuals to tend to, grass to water and excessive weeding, you are more likely to have a yard thatlooksamazing all year long.



As with most great things in life, there are a few challenges to consider before embarking on your new xeriscaping journey:

  • The amount of work needed in the early stages of your landscape installation will be significant
  • Your property may have a spars aesthetic
  • If not done properly, replacing lawn with xeriscaping can cause more heat to radiate into a house

If you, like us, can see the myriad of benefits and you are ready to make the leap, keep in mind that Living Earth® specializes in various rock types and can help you select the ones you need for beauty and function. When you’ve placed your order, we’ll even deliver* it for you so you we’ll be with you from conception to completion as you incorporate rocks into your landscape.


*Minimum order and delivery fee applies.