Coverage Calculator


Are you ready to order your mulch, compost, soil, sand, gravel or rock but aren’t sure how much to get? We have you covered! Use the coverage calculator to determine approximately how many cubic yards you need. If you have any questions, we are here to help!

How much do I need?

The Living Earth® coverage calculator makes it easy to determine how much product to order. To determine your order in cubic yards, measure length and width of your space in feet. Round up when needed to allow for settling. Then, decide how deep you’d like your product to be.

To use the calculator, be sure to fill in all three fields:

Enter your dimensions


Now all you need to decide is if you’d like your products delivered* or if you’d prefer to come in and let us help you load your truck or trailer.

For delivery, you must order a minimum order of four cubic yards or one pallet (delivery fee applies). When it comes to multiple products, there are limitations to what can be mixed in bulk in trucks due to cross-contamination and capacity. Learn more.

*Residential delivery is not offered in Tennessee at this time.